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Ethiopia Sidamo Chire

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Peach, tangerine, honey & jasmine tea. Very pleasant espresso with silky body.

Region: Sidamo

Process: Natural

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 1950-2000 masl

SCA score: 88

Ethiopian Sidamo Chire coffee is grown by a small collective of farms on volcanic soil in the Sidama/Guji, Kebele-Chire region. The varietal is known as Heirloom or the Ethiopian Heirloom and is grown at altitudes of approximately 1,950m above sea level.

Heirloom varietals include a variety of Coffea Arabica beans. Heirloom coffee from Ethiopia is sometimes more specifically referred to as Ethiopian Heirloom as there are between six and ten thousand coffee varietals in the country, all of which naturally cross-pollinate. Without genetic testing, it is impossible to say distinguish the varietals to their more specific types. Because of this, each town in coffee growing regions could have totally different varietals and unique flavour profiles that make this single origin one of the more exciting.