The Magic of Clever Dripper

The Magic of Clever Dripper

There is an absolutely no-hustle brewing method for a well-extracted cup of coffee and here’s how

Amid coffee brewers, manual immersion brewers are becoming popular,  thanks to their user-friendly pros. The Clever Dripper is a simple tool for making an excellent filter coffee with bright aroma & a rich body.

The Clever Dripper is a simple tool for making an excellent filter coffee, hustle-free. It is a process that lets all the beautiful flavors and the texture of full immersion, just as a classic French press would, combined with pour-over clarity. Moreover, Clever Dripper is a lot simpler than the V60 and it does not require precision in pouring. It is also an efficient way for making multiple cups as it delivers super repeatable results. So if you're new to the coffee game, the Clever Dripper comes with simple brewing guides making it a great place to start.

We couldn’t resist testing out our favorite and gorgeous washed "Princesa" Geisha from Guatemala beans with the easy five-step Clever Dripper recipe, which we’ve been using every day.

Step 1.  Set up your coffee brewing gear

It all begins once you prepare your gear ready for fresh coffee brewing. The items necessary for a consistent quality cup are a Clever Dripper, a good burr grinder, a scale, freshly boiled water, a decanter & of course, the delicious filter roast coffee of your choice.

Step 2.  Prepare your Clever Dripper for brewing

Once you place the paper filter inside your dripper we advise you rinse it with approximately 150-200g of hot water to cleanse from its papery taste. This is an important step as it will also preheat the brewer.

Step 3.  Water to coffee ratio

Place your Clever Dripper on the scale & add 20g of medium-coarse ground coffee, then vigorously pour 320g of fresh filtered water at a temperature around 95ºC. Remember, there are no pouring skills required for this step, so let loose and enjoy sensing the first aromas arising from this fusion.

Step 4. Coffee brewing time

We let this coffee steep for 2:45 minutes (however, for natural processed coffees, we recommend a shorter brew time at around 1:45 minutes). After giving it a good stir to break the crust on the top and also make sure full ground is submerged, you then lastly, place the Clever Dripper on your decanter & start drawdown.

This step should take no more than 1:00-1:10 minutes. In observation it will help you understand if the coffee ground is accurate. If the drawdown is way too fast, grind your coffee finer. If it is too slow, grind coarser.

Step 5. Enjoy the aroma & pour overu

You’ve made it to the final step, and to finish this super easy process you just gently swirl the decanter with your freshly brewed coffee to aerate & to cool it down slightly. Pour your specialty coffee in your favorite mug & enjoy it.

The aftermath: We find Clever Dripper is an excellent coffee lover companion, allowing the preparation of a consistent, clean, full-bodied and delicious cup of coffee. And indeed a lot easier to master your techniques on.

Have you not tried it yet? Do not waste your time; get your Clever Dripper now, start enjoying your favorite coffee brewing recipes & thank us later.

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