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Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans – The World of Flavors in Every Seed
Morning coffee is not a habit. It’s an elaborate ritual that sets you up for a great day ahead. And if you ever wonder where to buy coffee beans in UAE to start your morning right, Falcon Coffee Roasters opens its online doors to you. Follow steaming mugs, and – in a short while – you’ll find yourself grabbing bags of flavorsome brown seeds at our shop.
Treat yourself to a full spectrum of tasting notes when browsing fresh-roasted coffee beans online. They are sourced as green seeds from Ethiopia, Brazil, and other countries known to be the cradles of the coffee culture. Do you have a soft spot for tropical fruits or chocolate? Once roasted, our coffee beans take on unmistakable flavors that suit everyone’s taste.
Order coffee beans online and make your drinks even more palatable
With state-of-the-art technology in place, we’re committed to developing specialty roast profiles for every batch. Whether you shop beans for filter coffee or espresso, we guarantee that their flavors are carefully assessed in terms of:
Sweetness and Bitterness
Check out a batch description to find out if your taste buds are fine with a roast profile. Then choose from pre-ground or whole beans and place your order.
Free shipping for those who are buying coffee beans in the UAE

If you’re a coffeehouse or a café, you can also get a portion of the price off wholesale orders. Place your one for freshly roasted coffee beans and save money as your guests enjoy their drinks at your facility!
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